I don’t know what it is about the place where my husband grew up,  it’s always felt like home to me.  Maybe it was the contrast between the hectic-too-many-people-in-one-place environment of South Florida and the peace and quiet of this little subdivision just outside of Hendersonville, NC.  The spring after we were married we starting making the 13 hour trek up here to work on cleaning out and “rescuing” the house and property.  We all know what happens when a house sits empty.  Anyway, the peace that would descend on my soul when we arrived was unexplainable.  I enjoyed going to sleep to the sound of neighbors dogs even though I had worked so hard my muscles were all screaming.  I enjoyed waking up to the sound of birds, even though I knew we had no hot water unless we heated it.  I enjoyed NOT hearing any traffic.  When it would come time to leave I would feel like crying. Sometimes I did. 

Even today, now that we have hot water, electricity,  phone, internet, and live closer (only two hours away) and in a much quieter place I find a peace still comes over me when we arrive and I never want to leave.   Curious, really since all of our visits involve work…

Since we had a porch added to the front of the house I have found an incredible place to sit and observe, listen, and visit with God.  In the mornings I watch the world wake up and say hello to the birds flitting from tree to tree.  In the evening I watch fireflies and dream of the day I can wake up here every morning. 

If you are my friend, or even acquaintance you have probably heard me go on and on about my porch… so here it is , the first blog from my porch.  And yes… I am drinking coffee.

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