I have been home and back to work a week now.  Is it just a week???  The trip went as planned, we had no trouble except for the one flat tire in Olive Branch, Mississippi and our trailer and pickup made it home intact!  Yay!  I’m afraid though, that my brain has lagged.  It still seems to think it is on vacation!

The big news for the book is that I’ve started getting reviews and they are good.  There are the reviews from “official reviewers” on their blogs.  These are people I have never met, probably never will, but yet they read the book and liked it!  Amazing! 🙂  Then there are the friends of people I know that have read it and think it is awesome!  Great!  Then… there are the friends, even my husbands 91 year old adopted Jewish Grandma who said it was “wonderful, you really need to get this made into a movie!”  Wahoo!

The ones I like the best though are the ones from children.  When a child says, “I can’t put this book down,” my heart just flips it is so excited!  So, I guess I’ve had a little bit of an exciting week! 

The other news about the book is that there are updates on the website including a link to this blog!  Check it out.  All of this is compliments of my webmaster and husband, Bruce. 

Well, that’s all for now.  I have to go to work for a few hours at my “day job”.  Then I need to find time…. SOON…. to work on finishing the next book in the series!  Keep your fingers crossed that we can get it done and published sooner rather than later.

Bye for now!

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