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As a wife, aunt, nurse, author, musician,  speaker, and daughter of the Most High God, I wear many hats, some of them quirky!

Double Cousins

The Double Cousins Mystery Series for 7-13 year old’s is born out of childhood experiences and grown-up dreams!


Humor, common sense, and godly living are the legacy my elders left me and I seek to pass on. What is your legacy?


At my core I am a storyteller and encourager. Speaking allows me to use both of my God-given gifts.

"AIM High! Affirm – Inspire – Motivate legacy building!"

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Aug 15, 2018

So, Take Your Medicine

In all of the cleaning out we did this past week, I found an old yellow note pad. The top few pages were a hand-written scene from my first book! Next on the pad was this. Since I have been a nurse now for 33 years it is obvious this was written around 15 years ago. But, I have to say, with all the changes in nursing, this has not changed. I hope you enjoy this humorous piece of nursing life. So, Take Your Medicine In eighteen years of...

Aug 10, 2018

All Our Ducks in a Dumpster

  A couple of mornings ago as I sat at my computer researching topics about which I need to know more, I remembered an article I wrote almost twenty years ago. It was never published and I thought it might be something I could spiff up and send out to a magazine. I knew it was somewhere in the files of my computer, but where?   Every time I get a new computer, I have Bruce move my files to the new one. It’s kind of like pulling a...

Aug 1, 2018

My Right Guard

I was blessed this year to be able to visit Daddy for Father’s Day. I don’t take for granted any opportunity to spend time with him, especially since he suffered those two nasty strokes a few years ago. We are travelling the roads more often these days, but being with him on Father’s Day, that was special. That morning I stood beside the bed helping Mom get Daddy ready for his day. Mostly I stood around and watched because Mom is so good at caring for him, but I...