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As a wife, aunt, nurse, author, musician,  speaker, and daughter of the Most High God, I wear many hats, some of them quirky!

Double Cousins

The Double Cousins Mystery Series for 7-13 year old’s is born out of childhood experiences and grown-up dreams!


Humor, common sense, and godly living are the legacy my elders left me and I seek to pass on. What is your legacy?


At my core I am a storyteller and encourager. Speaking allows me to use both of my God-given gifts.

"AIM High! Affirm – Inspire – Motivate legacy building!"

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Jun 15, 2018

Of Bookish Boxes, Innovation Challenges, and Bragging Rights

One of the hardest parts of living so far from my family is missing big events in my siblings, nieces, and nephews lives. Oh, we make it a priority to come to graduations etc. and if we can plan our trip around special events we DO. But sometimes those special events are unexpected or unplanned. And then I miss them. But not this time. I didn’t plan to come in June. First I planned to come in May. Then I changed to July to coordinate with some visiting extended...

Mar 11, 2018

Friends, Flowers, and Grandma Jones

This morning I enjoyed a ladies event at our church. We called it Friends and Flowers and Grandma Jones would have been delighted. One of our ladies—an expert flower arranger—gathered silk flowers along with all the tools we would need and we each made a bouquet. Now, this is not one of my talents or gifts. To be honest, I am not a flower arranger. That is my older sister. My idea of decorating is to slam a rose in a vase and say, “That looks great!” Much to...

Feb 23, 2018

Be Presidential! Write a Letter!

The other day I received one of those endangered things called a “letter” in the mail. It was a real, honest-to-goodness letter written on a beautiful note card. Yep. That’s right. Not just bills and ads in the mailbox that day. This is why I continue going to the mailbox every day. I was delighted. I read it with joy. I laughed. I remembered great times my friend and I shared in the past. I thought, I need to write her right back!  Have I?  Sad to say not...