It seems each day brings a new opportunity.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than keeping a cheerful attitude in the face of a humdrum day.  Other times it’s something totally new.  Something that lights up your entire world.  Like this week.  I received a call with a request to visit Newberry Elementary School and share with the students about my book and the writing process.  WOW!  I wasn’t expecting it quite yet, and I’m not at all ready, but I will be by October 9th. 🙂

Anyone who know me at all knows that I love spending time with children.  My world lights up when a child comes around.  Children really are many of my favorite people.  For the last couple of years I have been praying for an opportunity to interact with more children.  Ask and ye shall receive is absolutely right in this case.  I will be speaking to between 250 and 300 3rd through 5th graders.  Now that’s an answer!

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