Yesterday morning I had the wonderful experience of being on the radio here in Newberry.  The really neat part for me, besides the fact that I was able to share about my book with so many people, was the fact that my sisters, one in Nemo, SD and the other in Thailand… yes, I said Thailand… also were listening by internet connection.  WOW!  That’s really cool.

As those of you who were listening knows, and anyone who really knows me can imagine, all it took was for Andy Hawkins, the interviewer to ask me what events in my life brought me to the place of writing this book and I was off!

I won’t give you a blow by blow account here;  you can go to my website to listen to most of the interview for that.  However,  I couldn’t help but notice the irony of talking about my Grandpa’s covered wagon experiences on the radio with people all over the world listening. 

Thirty years ago when my Grandpa wrote the books about his life  and worked at selling them he did it all personally, talking to everyone he met everywhere he went.  I am doing it that way also, however, I’m also appearing on TV, talking on the radio, sending out press releases, blogging, updating a website (my husband does that part), and addressing hundreds of postcards and that’s just a start!

Our world has changed and keeps changing, faster and more than we want sometimes.  Let’s not forget those who have walked before us.  Let’s not forget the lessons they learned the hard way.  Maybe we can even pass those lessons on to the next generation!

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