Right now, this very minute I am sitting in what might possibly be my favorite writing spot, Gimme Sugar.  Yep, you heard it right here.  Gimme Sugar is a new bakery/coffee shop in Newberry we just discovered this weekend!  Thanks to the Newberry Observer my husband and I decided to walk over here yesterday and we were delighted.  One of the best things is the ambiance.  It is in a small older home, newly remodeled into quite the cozy little spot.  With three rooms to choose from there is plenty of seating options, little cafe tables which lend themselves to cozy visits.  Then of course there are the sweets and coffee.  Today I devoured a brownie (awesome) and I’m enjoying a bottomless cup of coffee.  Yesterday it was a lemon bar (unbelievable) and a chocolate chip cookie. 

 Here I am; me, my computer, coffee, and chocolate.  What more could a girl ask for.  So, when you are looking for something to do next weekend in Newberry (they are open Friday-Sunday only) come on down to the corner of Johnstone and Coat streets for a little sugar!

I want to give a shout out to some of my fans.  I have met some wonderful young people in the local schools.  Some have even become my friend on facebook!  So Parker and Benjamin… thanks for being my friend.  

I know this is short… but I’m writing here. 🙂  I am closing in on the end of the second book.  Once the rough draft is done I’ll have quite a bit of work developing the scenes so that they are descriptive and full of WOW words!  So back to the real writing…  

Have a great week and don’t forget next weekend… come check out Gimme Sugar!

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