As you all know a story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Today I am announcing that in respect to the story of The Finishing of Book Two, I have finished the beginning!  “WHAT???” 

  In other words… I JUST FINISHED THE ROUGH DRAFT!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  I started this 6 years ago and then put it on hold for a long time, even writing two other rough drafts in the middle there.  But now, NOW it is done.  This is really a sequel to the first book… the rest of the story as to what happened to Zach.  (That’s all I’m going to say about that.  I don’t want to ruin the first book for anyone.)

Of course, that is just the beginning.  Now I must do the middle, that unfavorite part of mine… revising.  Actually I am looking forward to it a little more with this one.  The editor I worked with on my first book was AWESOME and I learned so much from her.  I am looking forward to adding the WOW words, the excitement, the colorful words.

Once I get the revisions done, then I’ll have to work on the end… getting it published.  So I didn’t quite reach my goal of finishing by the end of November (three days late isn’t too bad is it) but I’m sure glad it’s done.  Now my new goal is to have the revisions done by the time I  go to a conference the first week of March.  That’s the conference where I start working diligently on “the end.”

Thanks for all of you encouragement.  I have two potential titles… The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Torn Map… or, The Double Cousins and the Mystery in the Old Clock.  Which do you prefer?

0 thoughts on “Beginning, Middle, and End

  1. Miriam,

    Again, congratulations!

    Hmm, it seems to me that “The Double Cousins and the Mystery In the Old Clock” has more of a ring to it for some reason–that it flows better, but I am kind of wondering if there isn’t a Nancy Drew book or one of those kind of books that has the title of The Mystery In the Old Clock,” since it sounds so familiar, but maybe it doesn’t matter. (Hmmm again, it’s a good thing I am not writing a book at present, since I am sure that last sentence was quite the run-on sentence!) My other question is if you want the first book title to be about a watch and the second to be about a clock? Well, I guess I am not much help, but I thought I would throw out those thoughts since you asked!

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