If you have ever asked the question, “Where’s my other sock?” then you really must read this delightful fantasy adventure by Esther LoPresto.

In “Where’s My Other Sock,” Tori, her friends Sally and Suzie, and eventually even her pesky little brother join the search to uncover exactly what is going on with the dryer. It seems that the dryer, the washer, the family pets, and even a mouse named Clarence are all in cahoots to eat all of the blue socks.

In a grand adventure, the children, animals, and machines cooperate to uncover the secret world right under their feet. In the process they make new friends and even help save another world.

This fast-moving, attention-grabbing story is chock full of memorably colorful characters who alternately delight and inspire. This page turner is ageless, one of those books both children and grandparents can enjoy, possibly even together.

Esther LoPresto has produced an impressive debut adventure. I look forward to seeing more from this author. I enjoyed meeting Esther at a recent conference and finding that she had the answer to the pressing question of my childhood. I can’t wait to tell my sister I may have learned the fate of all of those missing socks. . .

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