Five weeks ago I started a new job. I’m now working in a Surgical ICU on the night shift and I love it.  Well, all of it except the NSBS (Night Shift Brain Syndrome) I suffer for a couple of days after working my two nights a week. Yes, I said two nights a week.  I am now working two 12-hour shifts instead of the 32 hours I was working before. When my new co-workers find out I am “only” working two nights a week instead of the usual three it raises some questions.  One is, “how did you get them to do that?”  It seems that they haven’t allowed part-timers on this floor before.  Well, don’t I feel special! 🙂  I guess God was just paving the way  since I really didn’t want full-time.

The second question I am asked is “do you have another part-time job?” I was asked this on my third shift and I answered with a resounding NO. This was met with a quick, “that’s not true,” from one of my co-workers. She was the co-worker who had just asked to purchase my book for her grandson.  “She does too have another job.  She is an author!” Well.  Maybe I should hire her as my publicist!

So, the other night I was asked that question again and I answered with confidence. ” I’m an author and I am very busy the rest of the time with my writing business.”  Of course this led to a discussion about what I write and I was able to promote my book once again.

The whole idea of this being another part-time job has taken hold.  It actually has taken me by the throat and won’t let go.  Since returning from the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference I have so many ideas and goals running through my head there just doesn’t seem to be time to do it all. I have decided that since I work 24 hours at my “regular job” I’ll strive to put 16 hours a week into writing. Once I hit upon this “Plan” – I do love a plan –  I needed to know what areas to work on; otherwise I feel overwhelmed. My husband helped me brainstorm last night and we came up with these four areas that encompass my writing job.  You could call it my job description.

1). Promote the current book.

2). Revise the second book and find a publisher.

 3). Enhance my skill and craft.

 4). Develop freelance writing business (articles, columns, etc.).

Now that I have a job description in place, I can go about creating a work-plan for this  new part-time job. Pray for me that God will be glorified whether I’m working at home or at the hospital. That’s what it’s all about, after all!

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