Tomorrow is Memorial Day; the day we stop to remember those who have died, especially those who gave their lives to protect our country. In addition to the soldiers, I have several people I remember each year.  I remember all of my grandparents and I remember my mommy. I remember some who lived full lives and some unborn babies that never had to suffer the cares of the world. All of this remembering started me thinking about the impact those people had on my life. I’ve led a precious life, one filled with people who demonstrated what God meant a Christian to be. I was given a sweet childhood. This was due largely to the Godly examples of my daddy and my two mothers; Mommy who died suddenly when I was ten, and my mom, the one who has been my mother now for three-fourths of my life.

This contemplation led me to another topic. One of the things I learned at the conference this month was the idea of branding yourself. What? As I type, I can hear my Nebraska ranch cousins questioning my sanity. Who, in their right mind would want to brand themselves? Well, it seems the serious writer does. The idea is that if you can take the essence of who you are and express it in a succinct catchy way, you can get past the part of the brain that weeds out information before it is absorbed into the decision making area, thereby catching the attention of the publishers and readers. Whew!

What is my brand, the essence of Miriam?  What makes me different and unique? What do I have to offer? At the very next meal, I had an idea handed to me by one of the speakers. After visiting for a few minutes she said, “You seem to be a pretty down-to-earth person.”

“Well,” I replied. “I guess I am.” Yes, that would describe me. Quirky also describes me. Since my life didn’t take the traditional track I’ve had an eclectic background. I have a  worldview based on Biblical principles. I’m optimistic; my husband says I always see what he calls, “the sliver lining.“ (No, I didn’t spell “sliver” wrong.)  I love to have fun and have a child-like sense of humor. Children and the elderly charm me. I am an aunt who has trained her nieces and nephews that when she is old they WILL bring her chocolate in the nursing home!  My youngest niece even calls me “Aunt ChocaMimMim.”  I am deliriously and thankfully a wife, finally!

As a brand that’s a bit lengthy. After all, it’s supposed to be narrowed down to a catchy phrase or word. Whoa! Anyone who knows me knows that’s a difficult task for me to accomplish. So, I’m asking for your help.  If you have an idea of what my brand is, comment here. I’d love to receive your input.

Tune in on Tuesday as I continue this post. It was just too many words for one day! J Until then, don’t forget those who gave their lives so we have the ability to share our thoughts freely.

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