This morning I was reading Psalm 111. I love the Psalms and have many favorites but I am always amazed when one jumps out at me as if I had never read it before. I know I have read them all because many days my devotions come from the Psalms. Anyway, this mornings Psalm focused on the works of God. His works are everywhere for us to see: in nature, in people, in nations, in our circumstances, in history-and the list could go on and on. One point that jumped out at me is that “the works of his hands are verity and judgment” (truth and justice vs. 7). In a day where the works of so many are anything but true and just this stands out. It comforts. It gives confidence. They are also permanent (vs 8): “They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness.” Now there’s a truth you can hang your hat on!

This reminded me of the “works of God” testimonies that were encouraged at Northland Baptist Bible College. On Monday’s an opportunity was given in chapel to share what God had done in, for, or through you that week. It was always an exciting but humbling thing to hear how God provided or worked through different students. I had my own “work of God” moment this past weekend.

On Saturday my husband and I ventured over to Sumter for the South Carolina Homeschool Convention. I considered getting a booth at the convention to sell my book, since home schoolers are one of my main market groups. The cost seemed prohibitive since I only have the one book to sell. I decided to wait until I have several in the series, then I’d rent a spot. But, not wanting to miss the opportunity to get my name out there, and realizing it was a great opportunity for networking, we went. As we drove to the convention center I prayed, asking God to direct who we talked to. I wasn’t sure if I would give a couple of business cards to vendors and leave, or what to expect.  At the registration table I started talking about my book and the reasons I was there. The ladies told me that there was a book signing opportunity just outside the entrance from noon to two p.m. All I had to do was show up! WOW! So, we pulled the ever-present box of books out of the van, removed the magnetic sign from the side of the van to use as decoration on our table, taped flyers around the table and set up shop. I sold two books, but was able to pass out a lot of business cards and post cards. I made some contacts I hope will lead to classes with home school groups, public, and private schools. I believe I’ve found another store that will stock my book. All in all, it was a positive experience and I couldn’t help thanking the Lord for the answer to my prayer.

So today, are you watching for the works of God in your life? Don’t let life keep you from noticing. They are all around you.

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