Today I experienced the best kind of motivation.    I was scheduled to go to the Newberry Academy and speak to the third through fifth grades.  If you’ve been following this blog, or know me at all you will understand when I say I was looking forward to it.  I love spending time with children and they never fail to perk me up.  I went in with a throbbing headache and came out pain free.  I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to share how my book came to be and a few thoughts on writing.  However, I came away with something I wasn’t expecting.  The best kind of motivation.

I have commited to finish the rough draft of the second book in the series this month.  I have been struggling with finding the time, and then using the time I have to write.  I do have to work.  I do have to fulfill other responsibilities.  But I do know how to procrastinate.  Let’s just say I haven’t been writing up a storm…

This morning I stood in front of the room full of students and teachers and told them about the book.  But when I told them I was working on the sequel, the second in the series which I hoped to finish this month you could see their minds working.  “She just said this book took her 4 years to write and then 6 until it was published and she’s still working on writing the next one.”  Little eyebrows shot up!  Hum… I guess I’d better get with it, huh!  Twenty-three people bought my book.  Added to the nine I sold at the book signing last weekend, that’s thirty-two in a week… evidently the prayers I asked for are working.  Now I need to do my part!

So, this afternoon I made coffee, turned on my favorite music, and wrote.  I wrote 6 pages.  I’ll try to get another scene written this evening…  after all, those eyebrows are asking me the question… when will we get the next book?

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  1. I did read your book on the plane ride home and loved it! I would like to comment on specific things, but don’t want to ruin the book for anyone reading your blog who has not yet read the book.

    I am looking forward to the future books! 🙂

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