I’m ready for a normal week, whatever that is for us. With Bruce teaching in Sumter this summer and gone three days a week, and me working two nights a week in Lexington and going to Sumter to sleep one day in between it’s been busy enough. That’s our “normal” for this summer. But then we added in a week at the house in NC to redo the flooring while Bruce was off for the Fourth and that’s where it got crazy. I came back down to work Wednesday and Thursday nights and then returned to NC where we finally finished the floor Saturday night. Then it was hurry up and get things back together so we could come home to SC and get ready for a new week.

Whew! I really think having more than one home is overrated. I enjoy the vacation home aspect of the house in NC immensely and I LOVE that we are helping save the place Bruce grew up. I would never want to sell that house but it’s a lot of work. 🙂 Good hard work.

So, here we are, another new week and this one should be more “normal.” It’s no wonder we all feel rushed and pressured these days. I know my grandparents worked hard. Physically they worked much harder than we do. However, their schedule was very much set and their routine unchanging due to the seasons of ranch life. They didn’t take vacations. They didn’t have two places to take care of. One was enough. I can’t help but think that this hard work/stable lifestyle was better for them.

I am enjoying a bit of routine I’ve developed. Monday mornings I like to sit on my swing in my front yard and write. Working two nights a week prevents this from happening every morning, but it seems I can pretty consistently do this on Monday mornings. So, I think I’ve started my week off on a good foot. Next I get to go sleep all afternoon. No. . . don’t give me a hard time, I have to since I work tonight.

I’m glad that God doesn’t change. That is one part of the routine that is continuous. God is always there, always loving me, and He will never fail. Have a great week. If it’s a humdrum routine week ponder a bit on the beauty of the routine!

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