I’ve become a columnist! The past few Mondays I have had a column published in the Newberry Observer. My topic is Southern Culture from an outsiders point of view. I am having a blast writing these columns. I had wondered for several years about the idea of a column but I was “afraid.” I was afraid that I wouldn’t do well. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stick to the discipline of coming up with an idea each week. I was afraid I would fail.

Now I’m not ready to say it’s a huge success, but so far the comments I’ve received have been positive. I have ideas popping into my head on a regular enough basis to keep several weeks ahead, and the column kind of seems to write itself each week.

Who knew?

I’m beginning to realize that my pattern, or M.O. seems to be to get started, then it will happen. That’s what I did with my book, after all. Many people told me I should write for magazines or papers first to get my name out there, then try to publish a book. I didn’t want to do that. I understood the wisdom of their idea. It made sense to me. I knew they were probably right. I even tried to get into the idea and get started but I couldn’t.

All I could think about was that book.

So, I wrote the book. Then I tried to market the book. Then I decided it WOULD be done before Grandma went to heaven if I had anything to do with it so I self-published. And now, guess what? Before, I felt like an imposter, a writer wanna-be. Now I feel like a writer. I think like a writer. I even want to write articles and stories for magazines and papers.

My point is that sometimes the conventional wisdom doesn’t work for us. Sometimes we need to trust our heart. Or rather, trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I’m not saying don’t listen to the wise ones. Just remember that everyone has a different set of skills, a different personality, and what works for one person may not work for someone else.

So, stay tuned for the next new thing in Miriam’s life. It’s an adventure, that’s for sure!

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