Did you wonder if I was lost?  Looking at my blog stats it seems I must have one faithful daily reader and  several others who check in every couple of days.  Whoever you are, thanks.  And… I’m sorry I’ve put off writing so long…

As far as the last post goes, I’ve done some writing on my next book.  I FINALLY got past the dead zone, that “area I just couldn’t get motivated to finish but had to be done before I could go on”.  Now I’m getting into the story again, and my imagination is cooperating.  I took a 40 minute walk this morning and spent part of the time planning and “writing” in my head.  It always helps if I picture a scene in my head.

I’m headed for NC today.  At this moment I’m waiting for my husband to finish teaching his class then we are going to Hendersonville.  Tomorrow I’ll be on TV with Victoria Dunkle in Asheville.  (Channel 13-2 for locals.)  Then Saturday I have a book signing in Hendersonville at Walden Books in the mall.  I’ll be there from noon to 3 p.m. and would love to see anyone who is in the area.

I received my first report this week from the fulfillment center for WinePress.  They fill the orders for distribution companies, the online bookstores, and local bookstores.  They also sell my books on their website at www.Winepressbooks.com  This report was for sales that were actually paid for during the months of July-September.  My book wasn’t available until August so it was only two months and there were 60 sold and paid for.  YAY!  I even received a check.  From a publishing company.  WOW!  I was hoping, of course, that I would hear that they had sold 1000 books and were almost out (a girl can dream can’t she?)… but realistically, I think that’s pretty good.  I’m quite sure there were more that went out of there, they just haven’t received payment yet… 

So a total count comes in somewhere around 300!  Not bad for the first three months.  I’m excited about the opportunities I’ve had and will have to talk in the schools.  I’m hoping that more and more people will begin to hear about my book and want to get it.  I’m pretty sure it would make an awesome Christmas present.

If you would like a signed copy I’ll be happy to ship it to you.  Just go to my website www.doublecousins.net and it will tell you how to contact me.  Or you can just comment here.  I’ll be happy to get you prices etc. depending on how many you want. 🙂  I do offer a special price on 5 or more books at once, $10.00 each with $5.00 for shipping coming to $55.00 total, a savings of almost a dollar each.  I especially like being able to personalize the books to the particular person who will be getting the book.

So, I think I’m about done with my rambling.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I’ll write again soon from my porch in NC. 🙂


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