This blog is the creation of Miriam Jones Bradley (with huge support from her technical partner,  husband Bruce.  The purpose is to allow me (Miriam) an opportunity to talk!   I love to talk!  So here I get to write and talk about this newest part of my life, the book I have written.  It is due to be published mid July.  In fact, if you go to or, etc. you will find it.  The title is “The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing Watch.”  It is a chapter book for ages 7-13 written in the traditional mystery style, somewhat like the Boxcar children series.  It is being published with WinePress and I am looking forward to seeing this dream come true.  The setting is the ranch I visited every summer as a child, my grandparents’ ranch.  Often my siblings and I would be there at the same time as some of our cousins and many adventures ensued.  Sadly, we never had a mystery, so the mystery in this story is totally fiction.  However, our family does have an event that led to the idea for the mystery in this book.  So… that’s why this blog exists.  So I can talk… and so I can share this process with all of the people who might want to know. 🙂  For more information about the book and the series go to  Thanks, and welcome to my world!

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  1. I’m very excited to see your book printed and distributed! Having read the rough draft, I’m sure many young folks are in for some fun late summer reading, including 5 of my own!

  2. Hey Miriam! It’s finally coming to print!! I am soo excited!!! BTW, when are you going to be in RC next? I’m sure Chris would love to have you ont he show to promote your book!!

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