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A couple of weeks ago our friend, Rita came to visit us from Chicago. One afternoon we decided to go downtown Hendersonville to do a little shopping. We found ourselves in the Mast General Store. There were some coasters with sayings on them and one of them said something like “Home is where the story begins.” Rita, knowing my blog style read it to me and lifted her eyebrows.

“Oh, that’s perfect!” I stammered. I couldn’t even spit out an explanation of my excitement.

I’ve been thinking about this blog for awhile now. Originally I started my Double Cousins blog to help promote my first book. Then I wrote about all kinds of things since there just aren’t enough things to say about the book to write three times a week. Besides, I enjoy sharing my life. So, it seemed more and more of the posts had to do with life, with memories of my family, lessons learned from my elders. . . all of that stuff.

Now that the second book is out and I definitely have a series I wanted to narrow the focus of the Double Cousins blog. But, what to do with the other stuff I like to write. I know people like to read it. I know this because my stats tell me that since I’ve stopped writing those “stories”  visits to my blog have dropped off. Hmmm.

Anyway, this blog is the answer. I was casting around in my mind for a title that would fit a new blog, one that focuses on my family based, wisdom-learned-from-my-elders based, funny daily happenings based musings.

The thing is, all of my stories do come from who I am which comes directly from those who came before me. So, when Rita read that quote to me it struck a chord. I knew I had my title. One that fit my writing.

The header at the top of the page is another clue. That is the sod house where my Daddy was born during the Great Depression. It was my grandparents first home. My Grandpa Jones wrote three books about his life which is partly what inspired me to write. This house. . . it is, in many ways,  where my story started. . .

So, this blog will be about family, lessons learned, but mostly the truth that Home is Where The Story Starts.

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  1. lofrog

    I will look forward to reading your blogs Miriam!