My Grandpa Jones used to say there was no shame in getting dirty as long as you got that way doing an honest day of hard work. He called it good, clean dirt. Yesterday Grandpa would have been proud! I was a filthy, dirty, sweaty mess after twelve hours of fighting with linoleum that had been put down forty years ago, more or less.

We decided it was time. The linoleum had long passed the “lifetime warranty” the salesman had touted and we hoped (my husband) and dreamed (me) that it would come up easily. No such luck. This morning we will be back at it with the manual scraper and the electrical mechanical power tile remover which if not very carefully managed will take up the plywood underlayment we don’t want to remove.

But the reward will be when the new linoleum tile we bought goes down and our little house in North Carolina takes on a proud new look. I can’t wait. I keep telling myself, “right feelings follow right actions” and I’m afraid the sore muscles are going to need more of that kind of talk today. Is it wrong to pray that linoleum will let loose of the plywood???

Too sore to type more! I’ll be back here Friday. 🙂 Have a great week.

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