Yesterday I flew home to SD.  Home is relative, that is to say, where my relatives are.  Of course, “HOME home” is where my heart is which is SC since my husband is there…

So, what brings me back to Rapid City so soon after visiting this summer?  AHHH, the book.  What a great excuse. 🙂  Tomorrow, September 26 I’ll have a book signing at Walden Books in Rushmore Mall.  I am excited and I find it kind of funny that I almost didn’t go into that store.  When I was making the rounds of the bookstores in Rapid City I was a little discouraged and tired by the time I was approaching the mall.  I thought, they won’t be interested… they will have to check with their corporate office… and all of the other negative thoughts that bombard me when I’m doing this task.  But, since I KNEW I would never know unless I tried I went on in.  BINGO!  “Yes!  We will get your book.”  WONDERFUL!  Followed by these awesome words… “would you like to do a book signing the end of September.”  Of course!  That would be lovely.

The added benefit is that the end of September is my Grandma’s birthday.  So now I have two lovely reasons to come home.  I’ll be throwing in a trip down to Nebraska to help her celebrate!  Ah, a road trip with my sister and her kids!  Add that to the 12 nieces and nephews, two parents, siblings, siblings-in-law, etc. etc. etc. and I’m just awash in good reasons to be here.

As if that isn’t enough another opportunity popped up.  Three of my nephews are in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades and their teachers are enthusiastic about having me come and talk to them about my book and the writing process.  WOW!  Not only do I get to share about my book, but I get to make my nephews day! 

So, if you are anywhere near Rapid City, SD come to Walden Books in the mall Saturday, September 26th for my book signing.  If I know you I’d love to see you.  If I don’t I’d love to meet you.

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