About motivation.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? How are you doing with it? I started early, last September to be exact. And they really weren’t resolutions. I decided on new habits and routines. I did great through September, and most of October, but then my enthusiasm-over-preparation caused a musculoskeletal issue that brought part of it to a screeching halt.


This launched me into the beginnings of a new career, Freelance Writing, which has been a sharp learning curve. You might wonder how that can be, with my writing history, but fiction is not the same as freelance writing. Not at all. But, this article isn’t about that.


One of the resources I discovered was You Tube, where I heard an inspirational phrase that has been extremely helpful.


You’ll Never Feel Like It.


This mantra was used to explain why instead of hitting the snooze button, you should just get up. After all, you’ll never feel like getting up. And it fits so many things.


I’ll never feel like cleaning the toilet. I’ll never feel like going outside and taking a walk on a cold, rainy day. I’ll never feel like paying bills or doing tax paperwork. (Although, realistically I could feel like taking a walk on a cold, rainy day rather than doing tax paperwork.) Oh well, you get the idea.


So, there have been many days when I’ve used that mantra. Some mornings it has helped me prod my body out of the bed. Other mornings it hasn’t.


But, it has been a truth bomb in my life.


It reminded me of another saying I learned almost thirty years ago at college. A friend told me she didn’t want to do something, but she would do it WIFLION.


Wifli-what? I asked.


“WIFLION,” she repeated. “Whether I Feel Like It Or Not. WIFLION.”


Believe me, I’ve used that one over and over through the years, and it has come in handy the past few months.


Yesterday I realized that I could also use the acronym for I’ll Never Feel Like It. INFLI.


So this afternoon, when I didn’t really feel like working on my freelance writing business, I pulled the acronyms out of my pocket and I did it WIFLION. Because, after all, INFLI!


Do you have any motivational sayings, or acronyms you find helpful? Please share below in the comments!