Who God Made Me

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Who God Made Me

Often, the question arises at work. How long have you been a nurse? I have to admit that I almost choke when I respond with the answer.

Thirty years. How can it be? Where did those years go? I’m not even that old, am I? Oh wait, I am. Well.

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This week the nursing profession has been in the news a lot. I’m not here to comment on it, although I DO have an opinion.

Anyway, because of all of the publicity, my Facebook page has been filled with offers of nurse-y products. Cute t-shirts and sweatshirts with clever or inspiring sayings on them. One of the sayings from a t-shirt caught my attention because of one phrase. “I am a caregiver.”

That one tempted me, because, well. I am. A caregiver.

The other morning I awoke at 4:55 a.m. and willed the phone to ring telling me they didn’t need me and I could stay home. (After all, who wants to get up at 5:20 a.m. to go to work.) I laid there for a half-an-hour, and when the phone never rang I got up and got ready for work. As I fixed my breakfast a little thrill went through my heart. I get to go to work today and take care of people. I get to see my friends. No kidding. It really happened. I felt a wee bit like I had a split personality!

My husband has told me a hundred times, if he has told me once that I can’t quit nursing. “You NEED to take care of people and I didn’t sign up to be the only person you take care of.”

So, I am a caregiver. It is who God made me.

The next day I loaded books in my car, obsessively checked and rechecked to make sure I had my flash drive in my bag, and drove an hour to Greenville, SC. First I went to my publisher’s office and picked up several boxes of books. For one thing, I was getting low on copies of two of my books. For another, my newest book had arrived.

As usual my publisher helped get the boxes to my car and off I went. This time I didn’t just drive home. I went to a school.

That afternoon I spoke to two-hundred and fifty students in grades one through six at Hampton Park Christian School. It was delightful. As the students filed in my heart started beating fast. Not because I was nervous. No, because I was doing what God made me to do. I am a teacher. I love children. I was going to teach children about the writing process. I couldn’t wait!

Hampton Park opening box

I also surprised the students with an unusual event, something I had never done before. The students helped me open my box of new books. Yep, right then and there.

It was awesomeness. I came home exhausted but happy and two hours later marched off to Awana. Because, well, it involves helping children learn about Jesus and I had committed to help.

So, I am a teacher and a lover of children. It is who God made me.

Today, I woke up with a list of things I needed to do. So far—and it is 6:15 p.m.—I can’t say I have accomplished anything on the list. But, I have rested and I’ve spent time thinking about how great it is to be a loved daughter of the Most High God. Last night, after another twelve hour shift of nursing, I started a book that reminded me of my status before God. You see, as a forgiven child of God I am a saint. Not perfect, but forgiven.

So, I am a beloved daughter of the Most High God and a saint. That’s who God made me when he forgave me.

Some days I am a nurse. One who wears a nurse’s stethoscope and takes care of patients because I am a caregiver. Other days I am a writer/speaker. One who writes books for children and then goes to their school to speak because I am a teacher and lover of children.

But every day—every single day I am a daughter of The Most High God—a saint. And some day, when my foot completely gives out and I can’t be a nurse anymore, and my mind fails and I can’t write or teach, I will still be a daughter of the Most High God! That status I get to keep. . . forever.

To see video of Miriam opening box with students. . .click here.

To see video of Miriam opening box with students. . .click here.


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  1. Can Rogalski

    You sure are a daughter of the Most High God! I can hear Margie cheering! Congratulations on the next book, Miriam!

  2. Judy Taylor


    If only all the daughters of The Most High God could and would state so clearly who they are. More powerful still, if all the daughters of The Most High God believed and lived in the truth of who they are before The Most High God.

    Thank you for these wonderful words.

    Judy Taylor

    • admin

      Sweet Judy,
      Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could say that I live in that truth every moment. That is a worthy goal!