Treasure In the Pantry

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One of the challenges to getting settled here in Hendersonville has been the fact that we had to switch gears to Salisbury before we finished our addition last year. We still didn’t have pantry shelves or closet shelves when we moved in.


Bruce finished the pantry shelves yesterday just before I left for work. So, when I got home last night I stood and admired the lovely empty space, just waiting for cans of food. Today I had my chance.


Before going to work this afternoon I transferred all of the pantry goods from the shelves in the “old kitchen” into the new pantry. I found my heart beating faster as I lined the cans up, all in good order. I just love the look of all of that food waiting to be used. Extra food makes me feel safe!


We both come from the same kind of background when it comes to pantry goods. Our families weren’t “rolling in dough” so to speak. Our parents kept food on the table and a roof over our heads. We had enough to eat. We were loved and safe. Sometimes this required creativity!


Our mom’s watched the sales at the store. They bought in bulk when often used items were on sale and then they were put aside for later. We both tend to do that. The lovely thing about this way of stocking a larder is that you always have something to fix. You even have a variety. And if, like my sister said last year when her husband was out of work—the bottom falls out of your world and you have to live off of what’s in your pantry—you can.


When my dad worked for a grocery store as a second job he brought home the cans without labels that they were going to throw out. Sometimes we would open a can and eat the “mystery ingredient”. It was kind of fun. At least all of our food still has labels.


When I organized the food from three pantries into one a couple of weeks ago I told my Mom what I had done. “It helps sometimes to have to go through it all anyway,” she said. “Then you know exactly what you have!”


She was right! I’ve even come up with some supper ideas from the forgotten foods in the pantry. There are others that have prompted me to find a new recipe.


The bonus to the whole process is that the cupboard shelves in the old kitchen which were freed up can now hold some of the extra dishes we brought with us until we can sort through and decide what we need to keep and what we can get rid of. I’m not holding my breath about that part, though. We don’t just have pantry stockers in our family lines. We also have some “keepers and savers.”