Treasure in the Midst of Tumult

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Treasure in the Midst of Tumult


To say that our house is in an upheaval is an understatement. This summer we are combining the remnants of three residences into one. I am incredibly excited about the prospect of having all of our stuff in one house. Well, one house and a temporary storage unit. There is still some serious sorting and organizing that needs to be accomplished, but we are on the cusp of success here! Wonderful.


But, the process is overwhelming at times. There are boxes everywhere. Projects. It is sometimes mind numbing.


But the other night I found a treasure under the bed.


You know how it is. You pull off the mattress and box spring and. . . WHOA! There is an entire colony of dust bunnies, shoes, lost socks, chapstick, and if you are really blessed, a treasure.


There right at the top near my bedside table was a little red notebook. A lightbulb went off in my head. I opened the book and remembered. This was a gift from a conference. At the end our mentors gave us little notebooks. They told us to write down things we want to remember in the notebook. Moments we want to keep alive forever.


I started reading. There were only three entries—after all it did fall under the bed—but they took my breath away. The first was the memory of a special moment with my sister-in-law. The second was the memory of a major breakthrough in my life—the one where I learned I could trust God completely.


The third was a miracle. The entry read, “Today I want to remember that Cheryl is back!” Even as I type this I’m getting choked up. The miracle of my sister’s comeback from Parkinson’s is one that will undoubtedly take my breath away for the rest of my life.


I needed this notebook tonight. It is daunting to follow God’s direction when you are following blind. But, then if we weren’t following blind it wouldn’t really be trust would it!


I believe with all of my heart God wants us to remember. Over and over in the Bible God placed passages where the acts of God were reviewed. He did it so we can remember. So when we are in the dark part of the tunnel and we can’t quite see the light at the end, we can think back to the many times God provided for us.


So tonight I think I’ll add an entry to my little red notebook.


“July 18, 2014—I want to remember finding this notebook under the bed.”


Today I am honored to be interviewed on Vonda Skelton’s blog. The first time I heard Vonda speak I realized she had traveled the path I was on. There were many similarities in our stories. I determined that she would be an awesome person to choose as a mentor. So I did. It was Vonda and Carolyn Knefely who gave me the notebook pictured above. Please click on the photo below to see the interview . 


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  1. Marlene Hunt

    Miriam and I have never met, but we have a kinship, both being PK’s and her dad pastured a church my dad started in Rapid City. She is an inspiration to me!