Do you remember the feeling you get after a period of extreme busyness? It’s the feeling of restlessness that comes when you no longer have an unending list of tasks and you have a “free day.” That was us today. We arrived “home” in NC just after midnight last night and we woke up to no specific to-do list. Oh, there were a few things like laundry and mowing the lawn, but nothing too difficult. We started the day by visiting with Bruce’s cousin and children from Michigan. They arrived here Tuesday to see her parents and be here for two family reunions, and have been keeping our house company in our absence. It was so fun to get to know more of Bruce’s family, especially since they are some of my biggest Double Cousin Fans. After they left for a family reunion, we kind of hopped through the rest of the morning and afternoon. I nursed my sinus revolt and did laundry. Bruce did some checking on a project he has in mind. I finally succumbed to the Benadryl and napped. Then I went to the grocery store, we fixed the pizza’s we brought from Chicago and ate with our niece, Sarah. I also made a peach crisp for the reunion tomorrow. It was a beautiful day. Then I killed a mouse, after which Bruce put out D-Con. Yes, you read it right. I killed a mouse. For those of you who know my dislike, nay fear, of mice you will understand the amazement of this. I found “evidence” this morning so we pulled out the D-Con to put out. While in the bedroom this evening I heard a squeak. Actually, we both heard it. Bruce opened the closet door and looked inside while I climbed on the bed. When nothing burst out of the closet, I climbed down. I glanced on the floor and there was a tiny mouse, legs wiggling right where I had been standing when I heard the squeak. I felt sick to my stomach. I had loudly and determinedly declared that the mice were going down not three hours earlier, but I had not intended to be the tool of their destruction. So, that’s been our day. I started by visiting with someone who loves my children’s mystery, and I ended it by killing a mouse. What did you do today?

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