The Soundtrack of My Childhood

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When I was a child our home was always filled with music. My mother came from an extraordinarily musical family and she was certainly one of the best. She could play the piano like “nobody’s business” and she could sing. Her solo voice was “discovered” when she went to college and took voice lessons.

The story goes that she didn’t tell her parents she had a solo in the Christmas concert and when she stood and sang “O Holy Night” in her clear un-warbling soprano my Grandpa cried so hard the pew shook. (This was his form of high commendation.)

My Daddy was not musically talented. He loved music. He loved to sing. But, his voice didn’t know where to go. He has a beautiful voice, but struggles with hearing his note. However, he determined along with my mother that they would fill their home with music. He felt that it was possible that the lack of availability of music in his home when he was a young child had prevented him from developing an ear for music. He didn’t want that to happen to his children.

So, they signed up for a record club. Over a couple of years they received a pretty good batch of records. There were some from the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and the Ralph Carmichael Singers. There was one from the Revivaltime Radio Choir. We heard the White Sisters. Over the years, as opportunity arose they added to the record stash and it now includes George Beverly Shea and Jim Reeves among many others.

One of my favorite memories is being allowed to choose which records would go in the stack on the little record player. In fact, when we were sick our day consisted of camping out on the couch and manning the record player. We had some children’s records from the Children’s Bible Hour and Ethel Barrett.  Of course, the story ones were played first, but then when you were tired you would put on a stack of music and drift off to sleep.

Thanks to my sister and parents we have had the opportunity to listen to some of these records again. I turn them on and go about my work. Peace descends on my soul like a Grandma’s quilt on a cold day. It is like hot chocolate for my soul. I find myself, 15 years after even hearing any of them knowing the next song when one ends. I hum along and recognize the arrangement before it changes from one section to another.

This is the soundtrack of my childhood.

I wonder today, in homes across America. . . what is the soundtrack of childhood for the youth of today? Is it ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, FOX, CNN, American Idol? My soundtrack involves old hymns sung in old styles. Most people would say it is outdated. It certainly is dated in some ways.

But, it is my soundtrack. The soundtrack of a joyful home where Christ was the reason for every season of life and I am thankful beyond words.


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  1. Pumpkin, Pie, Painter

    So true!! I often think about the amazing gift we have of good music. I need to use it for my children and not waste the time with the sub-standard fillers. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Missy

    So beautiful, and so beautifully said! We had some of those same records growing up and I am so thankful to say that I share that same heritage.