The Settings of our Lives

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Blog, Home Is Where The Story Starts, Uncategorized |

Yesterday and today I have been sorting and cropping photos. I am working on a project for my niece’s graduations.

Honestly, today I wished I could travel back in time about 16 years. Those pictures made me homesick for the little versions of my three “adult” nieces. Oh, don’t get me wrong. They are lovely women and I love spending time with them. But oh my, it seems just a year or so ago that they were eight.

Anyway, I began to notice something as I sorted photos into categories. There was a prop in a huge number of photos. A huge number. It was my parent’s recliner rockers.

The rockers were purchased over twenty years ago. Big, overstuffed rocking recliners picked out specifically for their comfort and durability. We had no idea how durable they would need to be!

At the time of their purchase, there were no grandchildren. But, once the grandchildren started coming they just kept coming.

I have photos of Grandma and Grandpa reading books to each of the twelve grandchildren. I have photos where we threw a blanket over the chair and used it as a photo op. Sometimes the chair is in the background. Sometimes it has children climbing all over it. Other children are taking a nap in the big comfy chair. I even have photos of aunts, uncles, or parents sitting in the chair holding a child.

So, over the past eighteen years these two chairs—just by being there—have become an important part of our family experience. I’m guessing that every time my nieces and nephews ever see a chair like those, they will think of their grandparents. I think that is cool.

I know I won’t ever look at those chairs the same again!