The Gift That Keeps On Giving. . .

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Today I went to the store to buy a very important item. A clipboard. I need it for work tomorrow.


For the first time in 7 years I’ll be working on a floor that isn’t critical care. That means I’ll have a few more patients. One of the tools I developed when I was in Rapid City was my clipboard and my worksheet.


So, today I made up worksheets and went and bought a clipboard


The first clipboard I bought years ago cost me less than five dollars. I know this because I used money from my Grandpa and Grandma McKnight to buy it. One year Grandpa sent us each five dollars and said something like this: “I know it isn’t much but I wanted to give each of you something. Maybe you can go to McDonald’s and get a burger with it.”


I decided I wanted to use it for a clipboard and I did. I used that clipboard for years until one day it broke. I was sad. Often I had looked at that clipboard and remembered where it came from. So, I went and bought a replacement “Red Grandpa McKnight clipboard”.


Now, I can’t remember where that one is. I think it broke too. At any rate, I needed a clipboard so I set off to find a red one. However, after going to two stores the only one I found was blue. Since we just spent two days moving and I had a house full of boxes as well as a garden full of weeds I didn’t want to turn the town upside down looking for a red one.


Blue is good, I thought. Blue was Grandma Jones’ favorite color. Now I can remember two grandparents with one clipboard.