The Eighteen Dollar Miracle

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Why is it when we think of miracles we think of the flashy, the dramatic, the “in-your-face” events? Why don’t we think of the practical solutions that we’ve missed, the solutions that were overlooked. And, then one day they were “discovered.”

That is the story of my miracle.

A few months ago I prayed, I pleaded, I cried to God for a miracle for my sister. I could see her health deteriorating as her tremor took more and more of her abilities and even personality from us. Her children and husband took such good care of her. She never complained. She still managed to run her household and homeschool her children from her reclining throne—or as her youngest calls it—her “natural habitat.”

But, her face had lost it’s expressiveness. She needed help with the basic activities of life. It was painful to see and heartbreaking to contemplate. I wondered at her diagnosis. I though she looked like a Parkinson’s patient but so many doctors had said it wasn’t THAT. It was essential tremor and we were out of all of the easy treatments.

I know that God answers prayer. I know HE has the power. But did I have the faith to pray for a miracle? I would pray for the faith because I could not watch any longer.

So, I added my prayers to those already going up. I asked my church people to pray. I sent messages on Facebook. I told my sister, “I am praying for a miracle.”

In my mind this is how it would go down. (Notice how I had a plan instead of just letting God make one—Bless my heart.) Cheryl would go to a new specialist. I would go with her if necessary to make sure that doctor realized my big sister needed fixed. The doctor would look at her and say, “Oh dear, you need this very specialized procedure and it will cost a lot of money.” We would then jump into action, raise a very large amount of money at special events, and my sister would have the miracle procedure.


Well, my sister went to the new specialist without me and the doctor looked at her and said. “You don’t have essential tremor, you have Parkinson’s. There are medicines for that. You will see a huge improvement.” We went from dread over the thought of THAT diagnosis to elation. There was medicine! Eighteen dollars a month worth of medicine!

So, over the past month as my sister has faithfully taken her new medicine we have seen the rebirth of a powerful, intelligent, brilliant mind. SHE’S back.

She walks, she talks—so much this weekend she wore a sore spot in her lip—she types, she even played the piano yesterday.

Last evening as I watched her move—with much pomp and circumstance—a tossed salad and a piece of cheesecake from her plate to her mouth without tossing a bit of it across the room or spilling it on her laptop I couldn’t help but think. . . this is a miracle. The miracle we asked for. And God did it so much faster and with much smaller effort than I imagined.

I shook my head. Oh Miriam, you still have so much to learn!


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  1. carol daugherty

    What a blessing! Your story spoke to my heart today. I am so pleased to hear of Cheryl’s improvement, and praising our God of miracles!

  2. Elinor Stroup

    This is so great and I’m so happy for this good news for everyone!!

  3. Rachel Chandler

    God is good! All the time! The great thing is, this is not just “a story”, we have Cheryl back!! We all have prayed for something to help her for a long time and last week when I talked to her and again today – I could feel life in her voice! What a fantastic gift God has given her – and what a lesson for all of us. “……some trust in horses and some trust in chariots, but we will remember the name of the Lord.”!!! BLESS HER HEART!!! Aunt Rachel.

  4. Patty

    I knew HE would would !!!HE is the BEST!!! Go GOD!!!

  5. Carol Weeks

    Oh, Miriam, I am rejoicing with you! This is a beautiful testimony to the power of God. I’m always looking for the big, dramatic miracle and probably missing the small ones right in front of me. Thanks for the reminder to look everywhere for God because that’s where he is!

  6. Missy

    Miriam, that is wonderful! Praise the Lord!!!

  7. Leah Mader (Freier)

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing – I have learned over the past 3 years, God rarely answers our prayers the way we think He will or the way we think He should. Dealing with disease and illness has brought me to my knees more than any other thing in my life – one thing I do know – “All of my life
    In every season – You are still God – I have a reason to sing – I have a reason to worship”

  8. sssarawolf

    As one of her friends this was wonderful news.