The Chair Speaks

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When we were on vacation we visited a local fast-food restaurant with family. Suddenly into the midst of our peaceful family time a crash erupted.  Across the room a tall stool holding a healthy young man collapsed. The table fell over on top of the man and the chair lay there in ruins.

The joints gave way.

Fortunately the man jumped up and appeared unhurt. After dusting himself off he gingerly sat in another chair and continued reading his magazine.

I couldn’t help but think of the illustration on faith I heard my daddy use many times when I was young. He would pull out a chair and put it on the platform. Then he would sit in the chair and share this object lesson.

When we sit in a chair do we sit gingerly? No, we just sit down. Confidently! That is faith. We have faith the chair will hold us. We don’t stop to think about it. We don’t test it. We just sit down. The chair will hold.

Unless the joints give way!

Faith in God is like a chair only better. We can simply rest in the character of God. He is trustworthy. We don’t have to stop and think, “Is he dependable? Can he be trusted? Will he do what he says?” No, God is 100% trustworthy. He has never failed and he never will. He is unchanging and perfect. We can “sit” in the chair of God without fear and we can know without a doubt that it will hold us.

God’s joints never give way!


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