Stimulating Memories, Reconnecting Friends

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I love hearing from readers with their comments about how my book, All I Have Needed–A Legacy for Life affected them.  Every few days I get an email, a phone call, or just someone stopping me to tell me their reactions to the stories in my book. Almost invariably they say something like, “It makes me think of my grandparents”, or “it made me start sorting through those old photos,” or in the case of my aunt, “It reminded me of that notebook I have that belonged to your mother.”

I couldn’t be happier.

You see, my goal in writing this book isn’t just to tell stories. Oh sure. I love telling stories. It is who I am.

But, there is more. I believe that unless we tell stories, unless we save our memories, unless we listen to our elders and record their memories we lose. We lose a lot of wisdom. We lose a lot of humor. We lose a lot that God intends for us to have for years to come.

One of my best friends called the other day. She was wound up. This friend knows my family so well she almost knows them better than I do. We have been friends since 1991 so she has had many opportunities to hear my stories. She had just finished my book that morning. She was delighted with the stories.  After all, she knew many of them. To her it was like reading about her own family.

But that’s not why she called.

When she called she was on her way home from a restaurant where she enjoyed a meal with her parents and some friends from church. These friends are a retired minister and his wife who moved from California to Pennsylvania to be near their daughter.

So, my friend was sitting there eating her supper when she thought to herself. This man reminds me so much of Miriam’s dad. His mannerisms. His way of speaking. I wonder if they know each other. After all, Miriam’s dad went to seminary in California and had three churches out there. And this pastor went to Pillsbury. Miriam’s dad went to Pillsbury. I wonder. So she asked. “Do you know Pastor Marvin Jones?”

Well. Did he? Oh yeah!

Turns out this man grew up in Estherville, Iowa where Grandpa McKnight was Pastor when my parents married. My daddy was his Sunday School teacher. He was in the youth group with my Aunt. My grandpa preached at his ordination service. My sister visited his church when she was on deputation. He knows three generations of my family and has a deep respect for my daddy and grandpa.

My friend was stunned. So, she shared about the book and he is reading it. And, just the other day, I received an email from this Pastor. A man I have heard about my entire life. You see, my family held him in high esteem too.

I love the way this book helped us reconnect with a respected friend.  I am delighted to hear each and every comment about the book. I am more delighted than you know when I hear stories about people who are taking steps to save and record their legacy.

That’s why I wrote it, folks. That’s why!

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