I am presently sitting on the swing in my front yard listening to the birds chirp, the neighborhood dogs bark – the sounds of spring.  I can look around and see absolute beauty in the trees .  My street is undeniably one of the most beautiful in  town.  Of course it’s compact, only one block long but we have an abundance of beauty here.  I sat here this morning in awe of the color “spring green.”  There is a feel of beginnings in the air.  The winter is over and now we get to enjoy warmer weather, new growth, fresh starts.  Of course with all of the new growth, the flowering trees, the blooming flowers comes the yellow haze in the air, the film covering cars and everything else left outside… pollen!  For those who suffer from allergies it is certainly a double-edged sword.  Everyone, it seems is ready for spring.  Everyone loves the flowering trees.  But at what cost.  Ah, there it is, the cost of change and new beginnings.  Always a catch.  (For instance, the dirty sock smell coming from those lovely Bradford Pear Trees that are in bloom all over town.)

I find myself in the midst of a new beginning, an exciting change.  I accepted a job offer today to go back to patient care.  I will be working in a surgical ICU.  I am thrilled and I can’t  wait to get started.  But, at what cost.  I will be leaving not only my job at Newberry Hospital, but my friends.  Sure, there will be new friends at the new hospital, but I hate goodbyes.  I try to remember that I had to say goodby to friends in Florida in order to move here and meet the friends here.  And before that, I had to say goodby to all of my family and friends in SD to get married and move to Florida… and so it goes.

One of my reasons for changing jobs is the book process.  I find that I need blocks of time open to do the promotion necessary to sell this book.  Then there is the time necessary to write, edit, and market the next book.  Today I had an opportunity to do a little of that promotion.  I had the privilege of being interviewed for a live radio program on station CHRI in Canada.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have come to the conclusion that I MUCH prefer radio to TV!  Of course, anyone who knows me will realize that kind of fits with my love of talking on the phone…

My husband, Bruce has been an invaluable part of this process and today he taped my interview.  He has updated the website (http://www.doublecousins.net) and you can go there to hear the interview in its entirety! 

So, whatever you are experiencing this Spring remember… change can be good.  It might be hard, but in the hard times and through the changes we grow… and you just might meet some new friends.

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