Sitting Behind Miss Gerda

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The first time we ever visited our church in Newberry, SC Miss Gerda sat in front of us. Or, I guess we sat behind her, since she always sat in the same place. Miss Gerda was not a Miss, but this being the South, women many times are called Miss.

Miss Gerda was the widowed mother of the pastor’s wife. She was nearly ninety.

Miss Gerda welcomed us with her bright smile, her kind voice, and her straightforward speech. She told us some of the history of the church and how long her son-in-law had been there. She shared a couple of the hard times the church had been through. She told me just what I—a Pastor’s daughter—needed to know. This church loved and supported its pastor.

That means a lot to me.

Through the years at Lighthouse Miss Gerda was always one of my favorite friends. I loved the fact that every Sunday morning she would get up between Sunday School and church and march around the auditorium with her cane. She was limbering up, she said. There were times when I thought I would be better served marching around than her. She seemed to be more limber than me.

Miss Gerda loved her family and was so thankful for the home she had with her daughter and son-in-law but she missed her own home in Florida. One year she, along with her daughter and grand-daughter, decided to make the trek down to Florida to visit some of her friends. When I asked her about it, saying, “I hear it’s going to be a girl’s trip,” she gave a cheer. No, I mean literally. Her right arm went up, her left arm down, her left leg up and she did a little hop as she said, “YES!” I’m pretty sure I was speechless.

A couple of years ago it became evident that her Alzheimer’s was progressing quickly. She still came and sat in her seat, marched around the church between services, and prayed with all her heart during prayer meeting. But, she was fading. All it took was a fall and a broken hip and her memory slipped away.

A few days ago Miss Gerda slipped quietly into heaven while sleeping. Now she is rejoicing with her husband, singing for Jesus, marching around heaven—and I’m sure—doing a little cheer for the joy of being able to think clearly once again!

Maybe someday when I get to heaven I can slip in and sit behind her at the feet of Jesus. I would like that.


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  1. vondaskelton

    What a sweet tribute to this dear woman of God. Thank you for sharing Miss Gerda with us!

  2. Christina Hardwicke

    Thank you for sharing your memory of her with us. it was truly beautiful and spot-on!

  3. Sylvia Messinger-Royek

    Thank you for your poignant rememberance of our Mother! She was a lifelong follower of Jesus’, and said that in one of her earliest memories she was with her parents as the Bible was being read aloud. She would be thrilled and humbled at your remembrance, and I am grateful.