Pole or Bush?

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In the past three days we have picked, snapped, and canned twenty pints of green beans. I am delighted to say the least, but rather amazed considering the sad state of our garden this year. After all, it has been a record-breaking wet year with many farmers and gardeners losing almost everything.

We lost all forty-nine tomato plants to the water. Our squash plants rotted on the vine. It was reported that squash were selling for 60 dollars a bushel. It’s been bad.

So, the great bean harvest we have experienced is nothing short of a miracle. Well, that and the fact that they are pole beans and my husband went to all of the work of putting up the poles, the wires, and the strings for all four rows.

I have to admit I haven’t always been a fan of the pole bean method. I was raised on bush beans. It seemed like a colossal waste of time to get those poles in the ground, put the wire up, and then lace the string up and down along the rows. I did like the fact that I didn’t have to bend over and break my back to pick the beans, but really. . . was it worth it.

This year it has been, no doubt!

The truth of the matter is this, without those poles and string the beans would have stayed on the ground and rotted in the muck just like the rest of the garden.

Instead, the bean plants climbed straight up toward the sky and I have to stand on tiptoes to pick some of the beans. I haven’t needed a ladder yet, but who knows.

This evening I was thinking about the beans and how blessed we are that they are pole beans and not bush beans. I couldn’t help but realize the spiritual application.

If I stay on the ground in the muck of this world’s sin I will rot. If I climb the strings, wires, and poles of the truths God gives in his Word I can climb for the sky and produce wonderful “beans” of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control.

I think I’d rather be a pole Christian than a bush Christian. What about you?

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  1. Elinor Stroup

    I say Amen to that.