Pigs, Pinterest, and Focus Groups

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One of the things I learned at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference was the power of social networking. I am going to be doing my best to be more active in more ways so more people can find out about my books. It seems that it is not just a “good” thing to do, but necessary. One benefit, of course, is that I can do it from my front porch. It’s a beautiful day out here!

One of the suggestions was to make posters that can be pinned on Pinterest. Since I didn’t have a Pinterest account and had never been on Pinterest, I wasn’t very familiar with it, but my mind caught the vision anyway. In my mind instead of Pinterest I saw Facebook! We all get them and pass them on, those funny, cute, thought-provoking, tear-jerking, or irritating posters that people create to make a point.

My mind also quickly realized that my new book, All I Have Needed-A Legacy for Life which is centered around quotes and sayings from my parents and grandparents lends itself perfectly to this marketing technique. I don’t even have to search for the quotes. They are already pulled out and displayed right there in front of God and everyone!


So, I came home and told my secret weapon, AKA my husband, about this new idea. He agreed it’s awesome.

Now, I need to tell you something about this writing business. I write the books but he does all of the computer stuff. He makes the website. He creates anything that is creative on the computer. I just type it in. So, I knew that this was going to be another task for him. He has a lot on his plate already and I am realizing that I need to be braver and learn some of this “stuff” myself. I’m bright. I can learn. Yes, I can. Ugh.

So, he created a couple of posters for me and I decided to try one myself. I thought it looked great.


Then I asked his opinion. Now, if you really want to know what an analytical chemist thinks, ask him. However, if you are just looking for affirmation you need to tell him that ahead of time. Let’s just say that he gave me his opinion.

So, we had a difference of opinion. He believes more explanation is needed than just the quote and the photo. I felt that it might be more likely to go viral if there is less tying it directly to my book. We decided to put them both on Facebook and see what my “friends” thought. So, up they went and that’s when we realized we had our very own focus group. What did the focus group decide?

Pigs Don't Say Oink

There’s another thing you need to know about analytical scientists. They are almost always right. He was.

The end.

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