Of Thumping Watermelons

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Have you ever thumped a watermelon? Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m here to tell you, it is the most accurate way to choose a watermelon. I almost always thump them before buying them. Besides, it makes me laugh. It also makes me miss my Grandpas.

My Grandpa Jones always grew some melons out in the field, sometimes by the sweet corn. One year the melons did especially good and we were staying with them for a while before moving to California. We ate melons morning, noon, and night. It was spectacular! Especially the cantaloupe—or muskmelons—as we called them. You don’t thump them, though.

My Grandpa McKnight is the one who had the great watermelon-thumping story. Now, you have to remember that he was a funny, gentle man and he loved to make others laugh. He had a witty sense of humor that was beyond description.

So, here’s how it went down. At least this is how I remember it being told.

One day Grandpa and my Aunt Carolyn were in the grocery store. Aunt Carolyn was visiting and they decided they wanted some watermelon. So, Grandpa bent over the pile, put his ear close to the first melon and thumped it with his big finger. Then he went on to another one.

Aunt Carolyn, wanting to be helpful I suppose, started thumping and listening too. Finally she looked over at Grandpa and asked, “What are we listening for, Daddy.”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I just know you are supposed to thump them.”

This led to a fit of hysterics in the middle of the produce section at Ingall’s.

Now, I’m pretty sure Grandpa knew that he was listening for the watermelon with the lowest tone, but it sure did make for a great laugh. And, every time I thump a watermelon I think of him and I smile. Sometimes I even laugh, right out loud in the produce aisle.