Of Skies, Planes, Geckos, and Memories. . .

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For someone who never really liked Florida that well I’m finding myself being reminded of all of my favorite things on this trip south. It’s amazing to me the memories and feelings different sites and sounds bring up.


Yesterday as we drove along I-95 through Northern Florida the blue sky filled with lots of puffy clouds opened up in front of us. “I love the sky here,” I commented to my husband. “It seems so big, so much farther away.” I feel like I can almost see clear to heaven. This, of course led to a discussion of the reason why. Is it the flatness? Is it the lower elevation? I don’t know. But you feel so tiny and the sky so very very big.


As I gazed out the window an I’ve-only-seen-it-in-Florida site met my eyes. “Look,” I said. I pointed to the sky where a small plane pulled a sign. There was a little airfield near our house in South Florida and it was very common to see the advertisement signs being pulled around the sky in our neighborhood. I loved it. Such an unusual thing for me. . .


“What’s on the sign,” we pondered. Then we saw. It was the Geico Gecko and I had to laugh. There you have it, the big sky, the airplanes pulling signs, and the geckos. Three things about Florida that were kind of new and interesting to me.


This morning we are enjoying a relaxed time in one of our favorite places. Perkins. We first saw each other face to face in a Perkins and that is where we had our rehearsal dinner before our wedding 7 years ago this weekend. We like to visit Perkins and celebrate with Peanut Butter Silk Pie and coffee. Too, it allows us time to check email and reconnect. We are computer nerds after all. We are also trying to regroup emotionally with the comfort food. Here’s why.


My most favorite thing about Florida isn’t the sky, the planes, and certainly not the geckos. My favorite thing isn’t even the ocean which I plan to see later today. My favorite thing is the friends. Last night we spent with my “mother-in-law”, the friend who was such a part of my mother-in-law’s life the last few years of her life. Since I didn’t get to meet Bruce’s mother in person I have counted on the friendship with this dear lady and Bruce’s aunt to help me get to know the woman who raised such amazing sons.


It was a bittersweet visit though. Since our last visit four years ago this sweet woman has been attacked by Alzheimer’s and we found ourselves struggling to find new ways to connect. We learned more about her childhood than her present life. We smiled and laughed with her about the good years of raising her children. We hugged her and told her we loved her. We said goodbye.


I might love some things about Florida. I certainly am thankful for the blessings we find along the way. But, I hate Alzheimer’s.


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  1. Elinor Stroup

    I am experiencing the same thing with a neighbor and friend, whose whole family have gone this way so I agree whold heartedly. Elinor

  2. Missy

    Happy Belated Anniversary! That’s so nice that you were able to take a trip to celebrate. My sister’s wedding was on the 23rd, so your wedding dates are very close. Hard to believe that it’s already been 7 years for you two!