Of Memories, Shredded Wheat, and Coupons

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This morning I tried a new recipe. Well, actually it is an old recipe. I have no idea how old because it came with the house.


As I have explained I am a saver of memories. I also like recipes. As we cleaned out the house I have set aside any little pieces of paper, recipes, notes, etc. that I thought should be saved. As things get “rearranged” they occasionally will float to the top again and be noticed. Today’s recipe is one such item.


It is an approximately 3X3 inch cardboard piece with a recipe for Fruit Breakfast Crunch on it. It even has a photo of a yummy looking peach dish with a cup of coffee. Oh, yeah.


So, months or years ago I set it aside. It would get buried, unearthed, and buried again. The other day as I was unpacking I came across it again and set it on the designated cookbook shelf. I need to make that soon. I’ll have to get some Shredded Wheat so I CAN make it, I  thought.


(I don’t buy shredded wheat usually. It’s OK but my dad is right, it does taste like hay.)


Anyway, a couple of days later—yesterday to be exact—I was going to the grocery store and I noticed a coupon on the refrigerator for Shredded Wheat. Now, that’s a-whole-nother blog but let’s just say it is very rare. . . very, very rare for me to successfully remember to use a coupon before it expires. Evidently I had saved the coupon just so I could do this recipe. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that the two items “floated to the top” at the same time.


Since I was going to the grocery store to use two coupons for Community Coffee I decided I would do the unheard of thing and use THREE. So, off I went.


I was so giddy with excitement as I handed my three coupons and three items to the check-out girl I’m sure she thought I was a bit “touched.”


This morning I made the recipe. It involves breaking the shredded wheat into two pieces, putting sliced peaches on top, mixing brown sugar, melted butter, cinnamon, a dash of lemon, and pecans and dropping that on top of the cereal and peaches and baking it.


I wasn’t sure it would turn out. After all, this recipe—obviously from a Shredded Wheat box—is who-knows-how-old. Tastes in cooking have changed. However, this was amazing dish and I will be making it again.


I like to think that my mother-in-law would have been utterly delighted that I saved her little recipe. I think she would be even more delighted that I made it and it turned out so well.