Missing the Part In the Middle

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We are enjoying exploring the city of Salisbury. Whenever I move to a new town I like to spend some time just driving around finding out where everything is. I find my way by landmarks more than street signs. I can remember where it is from the McDonalds, the Sonic, the Dairy Queen. . . you get the picture! 🙂

The past couple of weeks when I’ve been here in Salisbury I’ve spent a lot of time driving around and looking for the “FOR RENT” signs out in front of homes and apartments. We are comfortably settled in our camper trailer for now, but we’ll need a place before long. I drove back into Newberry the other day and felt my heart leap when I saw a FOR RENT sign down the street from our house. Then I realized. . . oh wait, wrong town. Oh, brother.

Anyway, as we drive around we begin to remember the different things we have seen and we recognize the landmarks. We’ve been back and forth from the campground to town many times now so I felt pretty confident I had seen everything there is to see on that drive. But I hadn’t.

“Have you seen the red caboose just above the road,” Bruce asked me one day? He was talking to me on the phone as he drove into town.

“No, a caboose? Where?”

So, he described where it was. I recognized all of the landmarks he described all around it, but I sure didn’t remember the caboose. Bruce agreed assuring me  he hadn’t noticed it before either.

“It’s around that Wagon Wheel place and the For Rent sign,” he explained. I remembered the Wagon Wheel, and I sure remembered the For Rent sign, but no caboose.

The next time I drove to town I watched. But, alas I didn’t see it. Once I got to the town of little town of Franklin I knew I had missed it. Next time, I thought.

So, the other evening as I drove out to the camper again I watched, determined not to miss it. I saw the For Rent sign. Then I saw the Wagon Wheel. I craned my neck all directions trying not to miss anything. I even looked on the other side of the road. Nope. No caboose.

“Did you see the caboose,” Bruce asked again when he got home?

“No!” By now I was frustrated.

“It is right between the Wagon Wheel and the For Rent sign but there are trees on either side. Don’t focus on those two things or you will miss it” he said.

So, this morning I drove slower and I watched. There is the Wagon Wheel, and I see the For Rent. . . wait. In between them, not twenty feet from my car was a CABOOSE. A red caboose right there in front of God and everybody!  How on earth did I miss that?

And it made me think. How often do we do that? We are looking for God. We are looking for His will, His leading, His blessings, joy, contentment, the truth, whatever. We look and look, but we are so focused on the things around it, the things we see every day that we can’t see what we are looking for, even though it is right in front of us.

I’m going to try to see the parts in the middle today, not just the surrounding bits of life. How about you?