Kaleidoscope Memories

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Do you remember the kaleidoscopes we had as kids? Those long cardboard tubes with the little eye-hole in one end. We would peer through the hole, hold it to the light, and slowly turn the cylinder. As it turned we ooh’d and ahh’d over the different patterns of color and light that appeared in the kaleidoscope.



My mind feels like one of those toys today. All of the sites from the past week at home and with family are flashing through my mind, shifting back and forth, up and down, sideways. I see one in my mind’s eye and I think—oh that would make a great post—but then another memory floods in and shifts the focus away.

I’ve started a list because right now I can’t focus enough on any of them to write it down. Besides, we’ve been too busy to stop and write. But one of these days I’ll be able to grab my list and pull up a particular memory. I love the fact that God gave our brains the ability to remember things we have seen and heard.

That’s what happens when we sleep. Our experiences are filed away into long-term memory during sleep. Maybe that’s my problem. With the time-change and busy days I haven’t been sleeping as well as usual. Maybe when I get home and get some solid sleep my memories will file themselves away in a more orderly format.

Then instead of a kaleidoscope my memories will be like a view master! That’s another of my favorite childhood toys!