Imperfect People doing what a Perfect God asked!

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Imperfect People doing what a Perfect God asked!

At church today I heard two messages. One was about the holiness of God. When we see Him for who He is and ourselves for who we are, it changes us. The second spoke to the fact that God was pleased with Solomon because he simply wanted wisdom. He loved God. I was reminded of some friends. What we need to do is ask God what it is He wants us to do, then do it. Simple, right? It reminds me of some friends. . .

Little did I know when I offered to make an airport run for a conference that I was going to receive such an amazing blessing. In my car was Sue Badeau. As I heard just a bit of her story my heart jumped into my throat. This woman had a keen understanding of the needs of children, specifically the need for a home. She reminded me of a lady who wrote a book years ago titled, “The Family Nobody Wanted.” When I discovered she and her husband, Hector were writing a book about their experiences adopting and raising 22 children I simply couldn’t wait. So, I offered to read a pre-release copy.

I wasn’t disappointed! First, she referenced the very book I mentioned above. No Kidding. Secondly, I found myself drawn into the book in such a way that I could not put it down. I wanted to know what happened to each child. I rejoiced with them in their accomplishments. My heart broke for them in their trials and disappointments. I felt like I knew this family.

I was challenged in my thinking regarding the need for homes for older children and young people. As an adult whose mother died when I was young, I am very aware of the importance of extended family in the life of a child, especially those experiencing trauma. However, I had never transferred that knowledge to the reality of foster and adoptive children.

I was thankful for the honest, humble way that Hector and Sue share their failures as well as their successes. These aren’t perfect people. They are simply imperfect people doing what a perfect God has asked them to do. Love the children.

No, God hasn’t asked each of us to do what Hector and Sue have been asked to do. But, it can be a challenge to each of us to see people living out their calling!

If you love children, if you believe in family, if you like biographies or stories about real people. . . this book is for you!

Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road Trip: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids! by

Hector and Sue Badeau

Buy Me!

Buy Me!


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  1. Sue Badeau

    Thanks to everyone who looked, liked and read this! I was so excited Miriam shared our story with her readers. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now on to keeping Advent in our homes and hearts! Sue B