Growing and Going

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Growing and Going

I’ve had a wonderful month. It has been busy, but awesome.

For years I dreamed of having my nieces and nephews come visit. But, due to the distance and finances it hasn’t happened. However, in the past sixteen months my three oldest nieces all made the trip down South. The twins were the last and they stayed three weeks, flying home last week.

My house feels empty.

Shortly before they arrived I found a picture from their eight-year-old trip. That’s another story but I’ll tell you that it is a trip my sister and I take them on when they are eight. It’s not a very original name, but the kids were the first to call it that and it stuck.

The three girls—now all eighteen—reenacted the photo a couple of years ago. When I found the original picture I searched my computer files and found the second one. In this one picture is a description of how I’ve felt with their recent visits.


Do you remember the commercial on TV about the dad letting his sixteen year old daughter drive away for the first time? As he looks into the car what he sees is a four-year-old sitting behind the wheel. The reality is that there is a capable young lady ready to take on the world.

This has been my reality. Oh, the little girls were here. I saw them fleetingly in the giggles, mannerisms, and personality traits that stay with us through our lifetime. But, in the place of the little eight-year old girls were capable eighteen-year old women. Adults.

So, these were “getting to know you” visits. I’m hoping that they will lay the foundation for a new kind of relationship. One in which I have three new “best friends”—once babies I snuggled with, children with whom I experienced adventure, and now adults with whom I can share.

Growing up isn’t so bad after all, is it?