Grandma Walton’s Real Estate

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Grandma Walton’s Real Estate

Yesterday at work I was in a patient’s room giving a medication. My patient was watching The Waltons.

I have strong memories of sitting at Grandpa and Grandma Jones’ house with the cousins, eating grapes and watching The Waltons. Awesome memories.

While I signed into the computer, scanned the patient’s armband and medication, and gave the medication I watched and listened to two scenes in this episode.

John Boy began by narrating the fact that when he started writing he wanted to tell the stories of his family and his home. Then it goes to a scene with him waiting while his teacher reads his story. It was the first story he had been brave enough to share and I found myself becoming nervous for him as he waited.

Of course she loved it and told him that he had a gift. A gift that was his alone and he could do anything with.

I was delighted. But wait, there was more!

The next scene is John Boy talking to Grandma. Grandma is looking at the paper and she acknowledges that if the teacher says it is really good, it must be really good. She says she is proud. Then she goes off on a speech about how John Boy’s grandpa gave him an inheritance of the meadow and she doesn’t have anything to give him. He assures her that her gift to him was just being there, but she shrugged him off and kept talking.

Grandma explained that her family was a family of story-tellers. When she was a girl they sat around and told stories. You could see the light come on in John Boy’s mind and he said, “Then I inherited my gift from you!”

Grandma smiled. Shaking with delight she said, “John Boy, those stories have been maturing in my mind and now they are ready to be told. I will tell them to you and that will be your inheritance from me!”

“Grandma, I cherish you,” said John Boy. And Miriam cried.

It reminds me of my grandpas. I’ve sat and listened to all three of them share family stories with me. That’s why I write!

repeating his stories

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day. So many elderly people want to leave something of worth to their children. Many don’t think they have anything to offer. I suggest that the stories and wisdom from our elders is something to be cherished! Something to listen to and remember! Something to write down!

Elders, go forth and tell! The rest of you. . . go forth and listen!

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