Goldenrods and My Faith

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Goldenrods and My Faith


“Aren’t those yellow flowers beautiful?” I pointed out the window of the pick-up at the mass of wildflowers in the ditches alongside the road. “They’re all along the road up the mountain too.”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the glorious yellow flowers as I’ve driven back and forth to Hendersonville the past few weeks, and here were more of them between Newberry and Banner Elk.

“Those are goldenrod,” Bruce said. “They are terrible allergens.”

My mouth dropped open. “Goldenrod? That’s the state flower in Nebraska. What’s it doing out here?” And then, it happened. Yes, if you know me and my love of Nebraska, you will know what happened next.

I started singing. There I was, riding through the North Carolina foothills singing Beautiful Nebraska at the top of my lungs.


            Beautiful Nebraska, peaceful prairie land. Laced with many rivers, and the hills of sand.


Then I realized what I was doing and I stopped. You see, the song and the Nebraska lore are so deeply engrained in my mind that it is automatic. I don’t even think about it. I just sing. After all, I spent eighteen years of my life in Nebraska.

But I wasn’t in Nebraska. Just singing the Nebraska song didn’t change my location. For that I would need to get in a car or hop on a plane and head west.

Yesterday on my walk I saw more goldenrods all along the path to the park and it started me thinking. It struck me that my Christian upbringing has similarities to the goldenrod influenced outburst of Sunday evening. Bible verses and hymns are the stuff of my childhood. When I hear the word “joy” a song immediately jumps into my mind. Many phrases pull a verse up from my subconscious.

But, the truth is just having a culture of spiritual songs and scriptures isn’t enough. That doesn’t make me a Christian. No, that required a decision to place my trust in what Jesus did for me on the cross.

Yes, I’m glad I have a Nebraska heritage. I’m also thankful for my Christian heritage. But, above all I’m thankful for the saving grace of God, for without it I’d just be singing about a destination I’d never see!

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P.S. The Grandparents Day book drawing was won by Carol Weeks. Congratulations, Carol! Your book will be in the mail tomorrow! Thank you to all who commented on my posts!