Friday evening we squeaked into Broken Bow just in time to get a press release to the Custer County Chief.  Only problem was they left early that day.  Oh well, there is email!  After walking around downtown and looking at the antique cars they had in the town square we went by the “best little christian bookstore in the country”, Keystone Bookstore.  It has been there for years and I have found more good teaching materials for SS and Children’s Ministries there.  The owner has agreed to sell my books!  YAY!  Then over to the nursing home to see Grandma.  She was delighted to see us.  After showing her the signed copy I had brought for her, and reading the dedication etc. she listened to me excitedly ramble about the book.  Finally she said, “ok, now you’ve told me about the book… how are your folks doing!”  Well!  I guess that puts things in perspective doesn’t it.  People over books!  🙂  We found our campsite and were very glad to have electricity as well as all of the other needed services. 🙂  We slept so hard we didn’t even hear the trains going by the campground in the night!

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