Broken Beads

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I love wearing beads. I don’t wear them all of the time, but I do like wearing them when I dress up.

I guess it comes from the fact that my mother wore beads. I actually have some of hers. One set has red, white, and blue beads and they look like gumballs. I know they look like gumballs because I was informed of that at church one Sunday by a boy who was really, really, really impressed with them. Turns out, he LOVES gum. He couldn’t take his eyes off my necklace.

However, bead necklaces can be a problem. They can break. The “patriotic gumball necklace” is an example. It broke once and I had it restrung. Problem solved.

In March, while at a conference one of my favorite bead necklaces from Thailand broke as I was walking down a hall. Fortunately a friend came to my rescue and helped pull the beads from around my neck while catching those that were falling. I stuffed them all in my canvas bag and I’ll have to take them in to be restrung. The problem is it probably won’t look exactly the same. It’s a much more complicated pattern than red, white, and blue gum balls.

I couldn’t help but think that it is like our lives sometimes. We have things happen which cause broken places in our life. We can be put back together, but we may not look the same. Oh, sometimes we may have all the pieces and we can have an exact fix. Other times it doesn’t work that way. We may be missing something important to the complete “necklace.” We may have an awkward pattern.

Or, if we let God work it out our new normal could be much more beautiful than we can imagine.


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  1. Carol Weeks

    You’re right, Miriam. If the beads aren’t put back in exactly the same pattern, it will be a “new” necklace. Maybe that’s the way it is when we are made new by Jesus! Just sayin…