Bradley Beans and the Badeau Family

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Today two great things happened! First I picked, snapped, and canned four jars of beans. The second thing which happened is that I received a book via UPS!

Now, what on earth do these two things have to do with each other? Let me tell you.

My husband and I were talking on the phone and he shared something. “I was thinking about your blog post about pole versus bush beans and I realized something,” he said. He proceeded to relate how the blog post made him realize that the beans we are growing aren’t just food. They are legacy.


You see, we obtained the seeds from his uncle and they are called Bradley Beans. They are saved down through the generations from who-knows-where. In fact, my husband is on a search to find how long these beans have been used by his family and where they got them. All he knows is that they are the only kind his parents ever grew, and the entire extended family depends on saving their Bradley Beans.

Just a couple of nights ago I spent a few minutes removing beans from some of the pods we let get too big to eat. They will be our seeds for next year. We even hope to have enough extra to share with a cousin who lost her seeds when she moved, and my parents who think the idea of not bending over to pick beans is a good one!

Bruce went on to explain that one part of the legacy is the fact that you have to save the seeds. Every year. You can’t depend on seeds from years ago. We found that out when we inherited the house. We tried planting some beans we found here, but it had been too many years.

Bruce pointed out that it is like working with children. The influence we have on children is an hourly, daily, weekly, continuous process. We can’t just depend on what we did a year ago. It takes time! It takes repeated teaching. It takes continuous work. Whether a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent our influence needs to be ongoing.

This leads to the book I received in the mail by my friends Hector and Sue Badeau, Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road Trip: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids. I was privileged to read a preliminary copy on my computer and I was hard-pressed to put it down. My heart soared with them when they had glorious break-through moments and brought each child home. My heart broke with them when the realities of life came crashing in. I was inspired by their honesty and transparency in speaking of their own human frailty.

This couple doesn’t focus on raising a kid and letting them go. No, they are in it for the long haul. Almost every day I see Sue posting a message on Facebook for one of her children or grandchildren (and sometimes more than one a day, as you can imagine). Birthdays are remembered. Graduations are celebrated. Births, jobs, deaths, through it all Sue and Hector are there helping their adult children and now their grandchildren. They have learned just how important each moment is in the life of every child. If you like to read. . . if you love children. . . if you love stories of good works. . . if you like to be inspired, you will find it in this book! I did!

And, might I suggest that this would be an awesome gift for Grandparents Day. I think if you order it today you still might get it in time!

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