All She Could Say Was “Wow”!

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This morning I made a friend in my new town. I took a walk with my husband from my house to the college. I found a writers group. I made a friend. I received the name of a lawn maintenance man. I enjoyed the beauty of a mountain town. I was reminded of two of my sets of grandparents. I made a new friend.

Let me explain.

We drove up to Banner Elk yesterday bringing a pickup full of essential belongings and set ourselves up for a short stay. We are both fulfilling pre-job tasks this week so we loaded just what we needed and here we are.

This morning we had a lovely start to the day with a nice breakfast and then made our plan for the day. My major plan needed to be revise, revise, revise. My third Double Cousins Mystery is due to the publisher the first of August and it still needs a lot of work. In addition, I needed to write and publish a blog post. It should have been posted yesterday, but due to exhaustion and lack of internet that didn’t happen. Besides, I was sadly lacking in ideas and motivation.

First things first though. We decided to take a walk. Our new home is just a block from the walking path that leads first to the city park, then on into town and over to the college. We would walk to Bruce’s work, and then I would walk home. Hopefully I would find inspiration for both the blog post and my revision work.

The sky is blue, hardly a cloud visible today (something of a miracle by itself here in NC this summer) so we walked through the sunshine, verdant green plants, and looming mountain vistas. The path meanders along beside the creek that runs through town and as I walked my senses lit my mind up with memories of visits to my Grandma and Grandpa McKnight in Mariposa, CA and later in Gunnison, CO—both mountain towns. Oh, this new place already held memories. My spirit felt lighter.

After a short twenty minute walk we arrived at the college. “I’m going to stop in at the Chamber of Commerce on the way home,” I announced to Bruce. I could almost hear him cheering internally. Maybe just maybe she will use up some of her 50,000 words for the day and I won’t have to listen to all of them this afternoon and evening. That’s what he was thinking, I’m pretty sure!

Anyway, at the Chamber I asked about the availability of free Wi-Fi in the downtown area. I explained that we were moving to the area, didn’t have internet yet, and I’m an author.

Well, this lady jumped right into it and gave me the name of a writers group, something I hadn’t thought to ask about. In addition to resources on writers in the area and suggestions of books about the area, she also gave me the name of a reliable person to mow the yard until we can get our equipment here.

But the kicker, the thing that gave me goose bumps was what happened when I mentioned my family in Rapid City.

“Rapid City”! Her eyes lit up. “Don’t tell me you know Rapid City? My grandparents used to live there, on 7th Ave, across from the park when the flood came through!”

Goose bumps. Besides the fact that Grandpa and Grandma Onstott lived in Rapid City during the flood that’s where my family lives now. I used to own a house on 6th Ave. Then I lived on 4th Ave. My brother lives on 4th Ave. His sister-in-law lives on 7th Ave. But that’s not all.

You see, the book I need the motivation to work on today, the third Double Cousins Mystery? The one set in Rapid City. . . the one that takes place on 8th Ave. (no there really isn’t an 8th avenue but, that’s fiction for you). . . the one where the historical aspect involves the Rapid City flood. . . yeah, that book.

This women quickly showed me three things. She is a kindred spirit. She has a servant’s heart. She is a friend.

God showed me that He can give me what I need when I need it.

And all Miriam could say was WOW!


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  1. Elinor L Stroup

    Moves are exciting when these things happen to us.

  2. Carol Weeks

    Wow, indeed! And to think I was impressed by the 20-minute walk! Glad I kept reading… 😉

  3. Rachel Chandler

    Well Miriam! I would say that you experienced what we in the South call a
    ‘God thing’!! It has always been interesting to me that no matter where I have lived in the 8 states of America (excluding the state of confusion) the Lord has ALWAYS given me a special friend in an unusual way! Can’t wait to see what you write tomorrow!