This weekend my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. We took the weekend and went to Greenville and just enjoyed a restful time. We didn’t take in the cities night-life, eat at the high-end restaurants, or even attend any special events. We just were there. It was wonderful. Between naps we explored the city, walking up and down Main Street in 95 degree heat, and marveled at God’s creation at the Reedy Falls. Beautiful.

For our anniversary we found a small restaurant close to our hotel, the Pho Noodleville. It was Vietnamese Cuisine which was new to me. My husband wowed me again with his knowledge of all things food. . . well, actually with his knowledge of all things. Anyway, we enjoyed a wonderful meal in a charming ambiance. 

The night before we ate at Perkins, a sentimental favorite. Perkins, in Rapid City SD is where we first saw each other face to face. We shared a piece of peanut-butter silk pie. It is also where we had our rehearsal dinner and they served, you got it, peanut-butter silk pie. So, when Bruce suggested we go to Perkins on the fifth anniversary of our rehearsal dinner I was elated.  I knew I was going to get a piece of peanut-butter silk pie. You see, our marriage is best because of its simplicity. We enjoy the normal every day activities with occasional special moments thrown in. And we both love sentimental memory-making.

Some people might call our anniversary weekend boring. A couple middle-aged folks holed up in a hotel taking naps, doing a little work, reading, and taking the occasional drive around town. . .. Not me. I believe that’s what I would call a weekend to remember!

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  1. Happy Belated Anniversary! I had your anniversary marked on my calendar, so that I could send you an e-card or an email at least, but you have to read your calendar for those kinds of notes to be of any benefit! I’m glad that you had such a nice weekend.

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