A Legacy of Connections

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The other night my sister in Rapid City, SD told me that she has a co-worker who is from Newberry, South Carolina.

She graduated from Newberry College with a Chemistry degree.

While she never took any classes from him, she remembered my husband. He remembers her too.

Last week I visited friends in Pennsylvania and was privileged to visit with a man who was a teenager in my grandpa’s church in Iowa.


My daddy was his youth leader.

My grandpa preached his ordination service.

I only ran into him because I met someone at college over twenty years ago, became friends, kept in contact, and now visit the school where she teaches.

It’s a small world after all, isn’t it?

It made me think of heaven. We are amazed at the connections here on earth. We exclaim over the fact that many of our circles lead back to each other.

But what about when we all get to heaven? Imagine the discoveries there!

After all, as Christians every one of our paths leads right back to Christ.

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