A Legacy Must Not Be Wasted

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I am sitting up waiting for my second dose of night-time cough syrup to kick in. It seems the kindest thing I can do for my husband.


I am reminded of another night some fourteen years ago this Spring. That night I also sat up with a cough. Only it was worse. I’m hopeful this time won’t be as bad. That time I was S-I-Double-ICK!


But, just like this time I had someone else to think of waking. My sister was visiting with her children so my small apartment was full of sleeping bodies.


At any rate, that was the night the idea for my Legacy book was born.


Yep, that’s right!


As I sat at the table drinking my hot tea and trying to stifle the harsh cough I jotted notes in a journal. This was May of 1999 and just a little over a year after three of my grandparents died only six weeks apart.


Losing all three in such a short time was a shock. Oh, it shouldn’t have been I guess. After all I was well into my thirties and I had all of my natural grandparents still living. That’s unusual, no doubt. But I guess when they just keep on living you think they WILL just keep on living.


At any rate, it was a difficult time. That kind of loss takes a toll. I think I was in a bit of a fog for several months. Then as I came out of it I began to think more and more of the legacy these grandparents left for me. They weren’t wealthy so it wasn’t money. It was character, love, and personalities galore!


That night I listed them, the different legacies I had received. Love, humor, hard work, common sense, kind words, holy lives, peacemakers, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, and on the list went. As I looked at the list it struck me that so many of these were part of the fruit of the spirit listed in the Bible.


That would make sense. My grandparents were all believers. They had put their trust in Jesus Christ. These attributes that made up my legacy didn’t come from them; they came instead from the Holy Spirit.


So, I have a renewed understanding of my legacy, the legacy that pushed me to write my latest book. It isn’t just the legacy my grandparents left me; it’s the legacy God gave me through my grandparents.


A legacy which must not be wasted.

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  1. Carol Weeks

    Oh, my, Miriam! Your grandparents would be so proud to know how you are carrying their legacy forward and out into the world! It’s an awesome book…