A Grown-Up Tea Party

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A Grown-Up Tea Party

Grown up Tea party 3One of the things I miss the most about living near my family. . .  No, that’s not right. The thing I MOST miss about living near my family is the opportunity to be a daily part of my nieces and nephews lives. For the first ten years of “aunthood” I lived right there, in the thick of it. I was at every birthday party, every Christmas, every everything. Well, except for the year my passport was stolen and I had to wait to fly home from Europe, thereby missing the twins’ birthday.

Something we would do that was particularly fun was tea parties. We would fill the teapot; pull out real tea cups and the tiny spoons. We would fill the creamer with milk, pull out the sugar dish, and place little cookies on a fancy plate. Gathered around the table we enjoyed each other’s company while practicing our manners. Even the boys enjoyed the tea parties because—of course—they involved food!

They were precious memory-making opportunities and the beginning of my teapot collection. Each time I use a teapot I wish someone in my family could be here to enjoy tea with me. I have especially wished some of my nieces and nephews could come.

Today, my dream has come true. Two of my nieces are here for a visit and we are having tea. The thing is while I imagine them as eight-year old little girls, they are now adults. They are doing online college courses, so we are tea partying over our work. While I blog and work on the last bits for my next book, they are working on a project on their laptops. And, we are enjoying tea.

We are having a grown-up tea party!

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  1. Elinor L Stroup

    It is weather for a tea party here also–close to snow. Enjoy.

  2. Margie Houmes

    Dear Miriam,

    I love reading your stories. They inspire me and fill me with ideas…god lyideas!
    Thank you,